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Terms Of Use:

This equipment selection tool has been developed by Air Liquide Homecare to help healthcare professionals make an appropriate selection of oxygen equipment modality for home oxygen users.

Our intention is to provide HCPs with the information needed to support their decision including:

- Modality of oxygen capable of meeting each home oxygen users clinical need (flow rate & hours per day)

- Quantity of equipment needed to meet the requirements of the new service specification (1 weeks supply)

Important Note:

The costs shown in each scenario are intended to provide HCPs with an illustrative comparison between the various equipment modalities capable of meeting each user’s clinical need and are not absolute. Each user’s real home oxygen usage and subsequent re-ordering behaviour will determine the actual cost of their home oxygen provision therefore the information provided should be treated as indicative only.  

Please note that the equipment selection tool does not anticipate individual user’s lifestyle, accessibility or dexterity requirements - HCPs should consider the modality which best suits an individual user’s requirements before making a final decision and completing the HOOF.  

Safety, compliance and the successful implementation of each modality requested on the HOOF is conditional upon the completion of a satisfactory risk assessment carried out at the user’s home prior to installation along with the ability to use their equipment following the comprehensive training provided. 

For more information about our range of home oxygen equipment please refer to the Useful Guides and Technical Specification Sheets or contact your local Respiratory Advisor.